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  • 26.10

    Consorterie politiche e mutamenti istituzionali

    Consorterie politiche e mutamenti istituzionali Exhibitions organized by the National Comitee look forward investigate about the era in which Lorenzo il Magnifico lived, from various approaches, capable of illustrating the many aspects of a very complexand suggestive era, which...
  • 35.00

    Daniele da Volterra

    Daniele da Volterra Useful and important exhibition, cultural and productive. Daniele da Volterra was a Michelangelo's friend and alumn, know as painter in charge of covering the nudities of the Universal Judgement in the Sistine Chapel. 198 pages
  • 10.00

    Michelangelo - Rime

    Michelangelo - Rime From the early times to his death, Michelangelo gives to poetry the deepest expression of his great and restless personality, Recovering the inherit of the vulgar tradition - Dante and Petrarca - with a dark language, Michelangelo...
  • 25.00

    Le tems revient - 'L tempo si rinuova

    Le tems revient - 'L tempo si rinuova Joyful theme, the feasts and shows in the 15th Century Florence, offered as a serious and actual research, where politics, music and literature meet. 262 pages
  • 85.00


    Michelangelo Michelangelo and his school, designs from the Buonarroti archive; text and tables. 168 pages
  • 26.00

    Il Giardino di San Marco

    Il Giardino di San Marco The Garden of San Marco was seat of important personalities visiting Florence: for example, in 1475, Leonardo Da Vinci was one of the first to visit the garden; fifteen years later, a teenager Michelangelo arrived here too, as wel...
  • 5.00

    Michelangelo in the 800's

    Michelangelo in the 800's Michelangelo and the 19th Century is very interesting and complex theme, not depply investigated till our days. Buonarroti House keeps significant prooves and important art items, as well as a rich documentation, recently examined...
  • 26.40

    Lorenzo dopo Lorenzo

    Lorenzo dopo Lorenzo Celebrations of the fifth century from Lorenzo il Magnifico's death were an axcelent occasion for florentine institutions to think back about their own history, the same reasons of the richness accumulated through the years. Men a...
  • 7.00

    A 19th century facade for the Buonarroti House

    A 19th century facade for the Buonarroti House In collaboration with Ente Casa Buonarroti and Accademia di Belle Arti, Florence Exhibition catalogue: Florence, Casa Buonarroti, 26 March-6 May 2002 publication year: 2002 paperback ...
  • 52.00

    Il Carteggio di Michelangelo - Vol.IV

    Il Carteggio di Michelangelo - Vol.IV The "Carteggio" is a collection of letters from 1532 to 1564, from the years of the last Roman stay to the old age and doubts era. Some are very rare or never included in the complete edition of the "carteggio".Among the letters, ...
  • 35.00

    Vittoria Colonna e Michelangelo

    Vittoria Colonna e Michelangelo This book is not a monography of a famous and important character; it is an intersection of stories. A fresco, great in colors and signatures of the authors, at the end of their lives. Crossing between Michelangelo and Vittoria Co...
  • 40.00

    Il David

    Il David Born from Michelangelo's genius, the David is one of the highest expressions, not only of Italian Renaissance, but of the world art. The byblic heroe is represented by the florentine sculptor as a gorgeous and winning athlete, ful...
  • 15.00

    Vita di Michelangelo

    Vita di Michelangelo The two primary goals of this book are to narrate an exceptional life as well as to offer to knowledge of the secret legacy of the Buonarroti House. 157 pages
  • 7.00

    Speculum Romanae Magnificentiae

    Speculum Romanae Magnificentiae At the end of the 50's, travelers, antique dealres, collectionists and wises used to commision a Roman print house coleccions of etchings that then formed complete volumes, different in quantity and matters, that began to spread a...
  • 26.00

    Michelangelo - La Cappella Sistina

    Michelangelo - La Cappella Sistina In this book, the emotion of the frescoes on the vault and the Universal Judgement with the extraordinary colors revealed by th restoration and the inedit possibility of a closely vision to Michelangelo's frescoes. Christ progenit...
  • 25.00

    La Chiesa e la citta'

    La Chiesa e la citta' Essential representation of the religious and civil society of the 15th Century Florence, dominated by Cosimo, Piero and Lorenzo de' Medici. 236 pages
  • 14.00

    Casa Buonarroti

    Casa Buonarroti Guide to help you discovering this famous house, full of meanings.
  • 5.00

    Arte e Storia in Biblioteca

    Arte e Storia in Biblioteca This volume tries to join essentiality to richness of information; the portable format to the many and beautiful images. 69 pages
  • 5.00

    I Bozzetti michelangioleschi della Casa Buonarroti

    I Bozzetti michelangioleschi della Casa Buonarroti Catalogue of a collection formed by the most imporant nucleus of small sculptures by Michelangelo and partners. Rare and precious collection. 77 pages
  • 16.80

    Michelangelo: Biography of a genius

    Michelangelo: Biography of a genius Pages: 192 Languages: English, Italian, Russian, Spanish Editor: Giunti From the Florence of Lorenzo il Magnifico and from Savonarola to the splendor of papal Rome, the tormented lif...
  • 24.00

    Michelangelo Poems and Letters

    Michelangelo Poems and Letters Languages: English Editor: Penguin Books Pages: 288 The iconic Renaissance painter and sculptor Michelangelo Buonarroti was also a prolific and gifted poet. This g...
  • 15.00

    The Passion of Artemisia

    The Passion of Artemisia Pages:352 Language: English Editor: Penguin Books From the author of the bestselling Girl in Hyacinth Blue, a dramatic nov...
  • 16.08

    Giorgio Vasari. The Life of the Artist Vol. I

    Giorgio Vasari. The Life of the Artist Vol. I Pages: 480 Languages: English, Italian Editor: Penguin Books Beginning with Cimabue and Giotto in the thirteenth century, Vasari traces the development of Italian art across three ce...
  • 19.32

    Giorgio Vasar The Life of the Artist Vol. II

    Giorgio Vasar The Life of the Artist Vol. II Pages: 616 Languages: English Editor: Penguins books Packed with facts, attributions, and entertaining anecdotes about his contemporaries, Vasari's collection of biographical accounts also presents a hig... and are registered trademark by Weekend a Firenze Srl - Italian Chamber of Commerce permit n. 0469879 - Corporation Stock € 61.200,00 - Copyright © 1995 - 2017 by Weekend a Firenze ® s.r.l. - Via Pistoiese 132, 59100 Prato (ITALY) - Fax +39-0574-401744 - p. IVA 02180560480 - All rights reserved - Information

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