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    Art, Cuisine and nature in Tuscany

    Art, Cuisine and nature in Tuscany Title: Art, Cuisine and nature in Tuscany Pages: 192 Languages: Italian, English, German and Spanish Author:  Le guide Ghiotte Size: 19,5x26 a href="http: collana Le+gu...
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    Florence, the Art of Cookery

    Florence, the Art of Cookery Like all traditional cuisines, Florentine cookery has shown more than one sign of “corruption”. We are not referring to the greater and lesser innovations which are historically inevitable and have, if anything, enr...
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    Italian Cuisine

    Italian Cuisine 224 pages, 220 fully colored photographs Languages: Italian, English, French and German The best of Italian cuisine arrived to us through traditions and innovative ideas. 280 recipes to know a cuisine famous all...
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    Tuscan cookery

    Tuscan cookery Since 1975, author Elisabetta Piazzesi, the owner of the Tuscan restaurant "Lo Strettoio", has compiled authentic and nutritional balanced recipes into this cookbook. Her mother and grandmother used these recipes, reinterpreted an...
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    Art, cuisine and nature in Tuscany

    Art, cuisine and nature in Tuscany Food and drink are specially important in Tuscany. This guide highlights places, activities and products of particular interest, including monasteries and farmhouses, breads and oils, coffees and coffeehouses. Color pictures 190 ...
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    Mediterranean Cooking

    Mediterranean Cooking A straightforward and flavorful cuisine, inviting and fragrant, light and colorful, based on generally simple dishes that require little cooking time, a style of cooking that prefers vegetable fats. It is a summertime cuisine, ... and are registered trademark by Weekend a Firenze Srl - Italian Chamber of Commerce permit n. 0469879 - Corporation Stock € 61.200,00 - Copyright © 1995 - 2017 by Weekend a Firenze ® s.r.l. - Via Pistoiese 132, 59100 Prato (ITALY) - Fax +39-0574-401744 - p. IVA 02180560480 - All rights reserved - Information

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