Venetian Villas - Venezia in Terra Ferma

The Ville Venete (Veneto Villas) are a novel, extraordinary cultural tourism destination: with 400 years of history, magnificent frescoes and artworks and centuries-old parks, they represent an historic and cultural heritage unique in all the world. A 'Venice on the mainland' for visitors to discover. Built during the era of the Most Serene Republic of Venice, between the 15th and 18th centuries, the loveliest Villas (more than a hundred of them) are now once again opening their doors to visitors, promoting guided tours, cultural events, holiday accommodations, restaurants, spas, corporate meeting facilities and top-quality food products.

Villa itineraries wind through the provinces of Veneto and Friuli, from the Brenta River to Lake Garda, from the Dolomites to the Lagoon, from the Marca countryside around Treviso to the Euganei Hills, from the Po River Delta to the Sile River. Each abode has its own particular charm, its 'genius loci': there are Palladian Villas (UNESCO World Heritage sites), villas with wonderful gardens, others with frescoes by Tiepolo or Veronese, those with historic wine cellars and still others with outstanding local gastronomy. All of them, each with its own distinctive features, offer visitors a unique welcome, and an authentic experience of traditional Villa life. and are registered trademark by Weekend a Firenze Srl - Italian Chamber of Commerce permit n. 0469879 - Corporation Stock € 61.200,00 - Copyright © 1995 - 2017 by Weekend a Firenze ® s.r.l. - Via Pistoiese 132, 59100 Prato (ITALY) - Fax +39-0574-401744 - p. IVA 02180560480 - All rights reserved - Information

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